Can Hemp Oil for Dogs Help Manage Autoimmune Diseases

September 28, 2020

Few pet parents know how to handle issues like autoimmune disease in dogs. A pet’s body afflicted with an autoimmune illness loses its ability to differentiate between normal and foreign bodies, leading the immune system to attack healthy cells. Autoimmunity can affect various organs and lead to multiple health issues like thyroiditis, arthritis, myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation), and skin problems. Though there are several medications for suppressing the immune system, not all are effective for every problem. Based on modern research, holistic veterinarians suggest pet owners us dog hemp oil under medical supervision for autoimmune diseases. 

Autoimmune Thyroiditis

In this disease, the dog’s immune system regards healthy thyroid glands cells as foreign bodies and starts attacking them. The lack of healthy thyroid cells leads to symptoms like weight gain, behavior changes, and digestive problems. While some studies revealed that some breeds are likely to develop this disease, many veterinaries believe some breeds already have an autoimmune issue in their genetic makeup. A study also showed that dogs that had been vaccinated developed autoimmune thyroiditis. This may have made the animal’s immune system hyperactive.

Dog hemp oil that contains CBD is being used for the treatment of several inflammatory symptoms of this autoimmune thyroiditis. Hemp oil may help issues like joint pain, the swelling of glands, digestive problems, and skin rashes. If you own a breed that is susceptible to autoimmune thyroiditis, introduce CBD into the dog’s diet early in life to prevent the onset of any autoimmune disease.

Osteoarthritis Caused by Autoimmune Disease

The inflammation and pain due to osteoarthritis are as painful for dogs. A study done by Cornell University showed that dogs treated with CBD displayed a decrease in pain, followed by increased activity without any side effects.

Skin Autoimmune Diseases

Skin autoimmune diseases are symptomized by hair-loss, swelling, eczema, and frequent skin allergies, followed by skin inflammation and sores. These can be treated by using full-spectrum CBD. The components of CBD work together to ensure that the dog can get all the advantages of CBD without psychoactive side effects.

Anxiety and Digestive Problems

Natural pet products containing CBD may help to calm dogs and soothe the anxiety related to autoimmune issues. When the digestive system is affected by autoimmune disease, it causes symptoms like weight loss, vomiting, and loose stools. These symptoms may be eased with the right dose of hemp oil.