Home Remedies for Preventing Hair Loss in Dogs

July 04, 2020

Everyone wants to own a healthy dog that has a lush coat. But sometimes, despite regular care, dogs shed hair all over the house, and it becomes worrisome if the hair loss is abnormal. Professional help will solve the problem, but prevention is often the best method.

One of the easiest ways to prevent hair loss in dogs is to give them hemp oil for dogs. Hemp oil contains medicinal properties that will help prevent health conditions like skin allergies. Hemp oil is a natural alternative and easy to administer in the form of tincture drops in dog food.

Reasons for Hair Loss in Dogs

Alopecia the medical term for hair loss in dogs, but it is more commonly known as mange. Though most dogs shed hair regularly and shedding has a natural pattern, sometimes dog owners notice excessive hair loss, which requires extra care. Hair loss in dogs could be due to allergies, parasites, or fleas, as these cause the dog to scratch or bite the affected area. Experts believe that food allergies and hormonal imbalances also may cause itching and hair loss in dogs. Bacterial or fungal infection, sometimes caused by ringworm, can also lead to hair loss in circular patterns. These skin conditions may leave sores on the skin, and the dog can wound itself by scratching excessively.

Beyond all these external infection factors, nutritional deficiency is another common reason for hair loss in dogs. Also, dogs that have trauma or stress may constantly lick and scratch themselves, which damages hair follicles and lead to hair loss over time. Besides these reasons, genetics also have a strong role to play in hair loss among dog, although this is rare.

Remedies for Hair Loss in Dogs

Diet Rich in Omega Acids: The first step a dog owner can take after noticing excessive pet hair loss is enhancing the dog’s diet. Dog foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help with a variety of skin- and fur-related problems.

Mild Shampoo:Look for a mild herbal shampoo that does not irritate the dog’s skin or make it dry and flaky. You can also use a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the dog’s bathwater and rub it gently into its skin along with the water.

Olive Oil:Olive oil is known to soothe dry skin patches. If mites are causing the hair loss, the pungent flavor of olive oil can smother them if a generous amount of olive oil is massaged into the affected areas.

Hemp Oil:If the dog is suffering from any regular hair loss reasons like mites, allergies, or fleas, then hemp oil for dogs is a possible remedy. It can reduce itching and soothe the skin and inflammation. Hemp oil also can reduce stress and digestive issues like diarrhea and nausea, so it can be used for improving the overall health of your pet.