How Dogs Help Humans Stay Healthy and Happy

September 15, 2020

We often hear dog owners’ concerns about behavioral problems, allergic reactions, and dietary deficiencies, and all this concern makes sense. It’s no secret that dogs make dog owners feel great on a variety of fronts, and there’s plenty of science to prove this—why do you think dogs are dubbed man's best friend, after all? Along with giving you unconditional love and support, pets can motivate you to stay healthy and happy! Take dogs, for example, that go on long runs with their owners!

In short, owning a dog will make your lifestyle better, and here’s more on how your tail-wagging friend can actually make you stronger and healthier:

  1. Dogs Relieve Stress: When you’re heading home after a hectic, stressful day, it’s likely all you want to do is pet and cuddle with your furry friend. According to a study published by Washington State University, interacting with dogs can help lower cortisol levels, and this is good as high cortisol leads to hypertension, weight gain, insulin resistance, decreased immunity, bone loss, and other negative aspects.
  2. Owning a Dog Reduces Anxiety: The warmth of your dog's touch can play a vital role in controlling your anxiety. This is because a dog’s average body temperature is between 101 °F and 102.5 °F while ours is around 97 °F to 99 °F. The warmer sensation of your dog’s touch can calm your body and mind, thus lowering anxiety levels. Moreover, playing with your furry friend will give you something to look forward to every day, and this can do a world of wonder over the long term.
  3. Dog Ownership Fights Depression: Owning a dog is considered to be an effective therapy against depressive episodes. Furthermore, a study found that playing with dogs and taking care of them gives humans a sense of purpose.
    By now, it’s clear that humans benefit significantly from keeping dogs as pets, but have you ever considered what you can do to help your dog fight stress and stay healthy? You can start by giving your furry friend top-quality pet hemp oil, as this has proven to calm a wide range of pets while providing distinct health benefits as well. Ensure your pet has a long, fun-filled life and give them high-quality pet CBD products regularly!