How Safe Is Pet Hemp Oil?

April 29, 2020

How Safe Is Pet Hemp Oil?

The trend of pet hemp oils is growing with both dog and cat owners. The oil is derived from hemp and used in pet sprays, balms, and treats. Natural and organic hemp oil is extracted from the hemp strain of the Cannabis Sativa. It is legal to be used in the United States, and pet hemp oils havebeen proven to ease symptoms of stress and pain in both felines and canines. But how safe is hemp for pets? How is it beneficial? Read more to find out these answers and more. 

Is Hemp Toxic for Pets?

The purest forms of hemp are safe for dogs and cats. In a mild dosage,dog hemp oils are well-tolerated by most dogs. However, you should be careful if your pup has health issues, especially liver problems. 

Always make sure to check that the brand you choose administer has proper quality checks. The company should manufacture hemp-based products only in GMP certified, ISO-9001 certified, FDA facilities. A third-party lab should also test the items for purity, quality, and potency. 

Is Hemp Beneficial for Pets?

Hemp oil may be able to help soothe symptoms of stress in your pet, especially if stress levels are aggravated because of separation.Pet hemp oil can also be effective if your furry companion is extremely panicky during fireworks or thunderstorms. 

Hemp may also help as a natural remedy for pain, and it generally does not have any side effects. Make sure you consult with your vet before trying hemp oil and keep an eye on your pet for unwanted changes when first trying these oils.

What Should I Check Before Giving Hemp Oil to My Pet?

Genuine hemp products generally have no adverse effects on your pets, but you should follow the label on the product and ask your vet about the required dosage for your dog or cat before administering it. Always stick to the instructions on the package. Additionally, if your dog is already on certain medications, check with your vet because the hemp could interact differently. 

The field of hemp research is still in its budding stages, and in the future, we might see it as a viable medication type. Until then, try to stick to the guidelines mentioned above before giving hemp to your furry friend.