How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Dog

November 03, 2020

It is hard to believe that there was a time when bones, ropes, and sticks were the only toys for dogs. Today, dog toys have become a multibillion-dollar business industry. Pet owners buy toys and accessories mainly to train and make pets understand what to chew and bite. As the dog toy options are endless, it can be tough to choose the right toys for your dogs. Here are some tips to help you select the best toy.

Safety Is the Priority

Dogs bite, chew, and chase toys. You may have heard of reports of toxins in the dog toys, and hazardous substances, such as lead, PVC, and phthalates, can be harmful to your pet. Ensuring a low level of chemical compounds in dog toys is essential while making purchases. Also, avoid toys with sharp edges that can injure your dog. Choose a toy manufacturer who follows all the safety standards.

Supervise your dog when your dog plays with squeaky toys. Dogs may have the urge to find the source of squeaking and destroy it, and if left unwatched, your dog may ingest the toy or squeaker.

Choose the Right Size Dog Toys

Toys that are too large can be boring for your dog, but smaller toys pose a choking hazard. Choosing the appropriate toy size matters. Buy a ball that is easy for your dog to carry but is not small enough that it can easily be swallowed. Don’t buy anything smaller than the size of a tennis ball.

Fun and Durable Toys

Dogs can be aggressive chewers. You don’t want your dog to tear up the toy and scatter the materials around your house. Buying tough toys is essential to keep your dog active and playful.

Rubber and thick rope toys are popular for tough chewers because they are durable. Ensure the toys are not made of latex or vinyl as the aggressive dogs can ingest them.  

Training Dogs with Toys

Training dogs with toys helps to keep them from chewing your items. They will learn which items can be chewed or bitten. You can save your most valuable belongings by training your dog with toys.

A dog that focuses better will follow your instructions quicker. For dogs to concentrate, you can give them CBD oil for dogs, which helps relieve any anxiety or discomfort. CBD for pets can also help your dog to behave better, and you can enjoy your pet’s company without having to worry about your dog damaging your belongings.