How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Holidays

June 16, 2020

Holidays are a time for get-togethers, parties, and celebrations. It means extra fun for you, but it can also be a stressful time for your dog. With all the added noise and people, you still want your pet to be calm, happy, and healthy. Here are a few tips to ensure that your four-legged friend stays peaceful during upcoming festivities.

Prepare Your Dog Beforehand

In most households, dogs are used to seeing only a few people daily. So, when they see many visitors all at once, dogs might get restless or agitated. They can get nervous, anxious, or overexcited, depending on the dog.

One way to help your dog with this issue is to have a separate room for him to retreat to if he wants to be alone. Make this place cozy by including his bed, a blanket, a bowl of water, treats, and toys. Soothing music, dog hemp oil, and lavender essential oil also aid in infusing calmness. If you want to include your dog in the gathering, train him to maintain his manners, and reinforce obedience training.

Follow a Routine

Even during the holidays, stick to your dog's regular routine as much as possible. Animals tend to be comfortable when they follow a fixed schedule, and extra stimulation during the festivities can lead to worry, anxiety, restlessness, and bad digestion. If you maintain a routine, your dog will be relaxed in familiar surroundings. Feed him at the regular time, take him out for a walk as usual, and devote enough time for rest, exercise, and play. It is important not to do anything that might cause additional stress to your pet. For example, a trip to the vet around the time of a party will add to his anxiety levels.

Keep Your Pet Safe

You should also make sure you ensure the safety of your pup. While many foods served during get-togethers are tasty for humans, they might harm your dog. Do not give dogs chocolate, sweets, dark turkey meat, turkey skin, or toxic foods. Keep snacks will out of the reach of your dog, so he doesn't help himself either.

Also, be careful with the decorations. Bright lights and sparkly decor can prove dangerous for meddling pets. Keep the items in unreachable locations so that they cannot get knocked over or get accidentally ingested. Fireworks can be another common cause of anxiety for pets. Don't use fireworks around your dog, and if you know fireworks will be set off nearby, make sure your pet is inside and feels secure before they start.

If you follow these simple tips, both you and your pet can have fun while ensuring that your dog stays safe, happy, and healthy.