Feeling Proud to be Featured on NBC 6 Miami

May 26, 2020

From hemp treats to hemp-infused lotions, the pet industry has fully embraced this hemp-derived compound as a natural alternative for pet wellness. Unfortunately, hemp for pets is an unregulated industry meaning that as of now, it is up to individual companies to police themselves. A recent investigation by NBC 6 Miami uncovered the truth behind some of these self-regulated  hemp products for pets.


The investigative team, led by NBC 6 senior reporter Dan Krauth, had products from three different brands of dog hemp tested for quality and content. They took the samples to Evio Labs, an accredited testing laboratory in Davie, Florida. Evio is known as a leading authority on hemp testing and quality control. Company co-founder and president Chris Martinez leads the team at Evio labs. They currently conduct routine tests for more than 400 companies worldwide.

“A lot of inconsistencies in the market”

Prior to testing, all pet hemp product samples were covered with white labels to ensure objectivity and prevent any form of bias. When tested for hemp content, the results for all brands were surprising, to say the least.

"They were, for the most part, pretty consistent," said Martinez. However, two of the samples did not pass quality control tests as chemists found fungus inside the products.

"It's definitely something to be concerned about from this point forward," said Martinez. "A microbial can be a life-threatening situation for a patient or a dog that's suffering from some type of immune deficiency disease."

"There's a lot of inconsistencies in the market right now," added Martinez "What we see most of all is not everybody is operating by the same set of standards."

Where to Find the Best hemp for Pets

Krauth and his team recommend buying hemp products from a company that tests their products at independent labs and shares the results with the public. This has become a standard procedure among the most trusted hemp brands, including  King Kanine.

"I would like to see more regulation," said King Kanine founder Jeff Riman in the special report.

Hemp recently became legal under federal law in the United States. The new law establishes regulations for the cultivation of hemp; however, there is no federal agency with regulatory oversight over hemp products. As a result, it is ultimately up to consumers to do their research to decide which hemp brand is best for them.

King Kanine: Committed to Quality and Transparency

As part of our commitment to offering the best hemp products for pets, King Kanine products go through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure we are offering the best quality hemp products. But what exactly makes our King Kalm line of hemp for pets the best in the market?

  • Quality: All our hemp formulas are made using natural extracts from hemp cultivated in the United States. 
  • Transparency: Each product in our hemp collection has been tested by third-party laboratories for quality and content. All  results are available on our website.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our friendly customer service team is always available to answer your questions. Still not satisfied? We offer a  30-day money back guarantee.

“We have such a great team of professionals who care so passionately about the pets we are helping and the products we sell,” says Riman. “Our goal is simply to be the best at what we do. Our mantra has always been, ‘We don’t need a ton of products, but just a ton of quality.’ And this is how we will continue to mold our company and our brand message moving into the future.”