King Kanine Deshedding Tool for Dogs

 All dogs shed. Some shed more than others, some shed seasonally, and some shed all year long. If you’re a pet owner who is tired of cleaning up dog hair, the King Kanine deshedding tool for dogs is just right for you.

Why is the King Kanine Deshedding Brush Better?

We first designed this deshedding brushfor our Great Dane Mojo. Over the years, we have sold millions of brushes to pet owners in more than 48 countries. We have also replicated the design to create deshedding tools for animals of different sizes.

The King Kanine deshedding tool for dogs has 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles that only remove loose and dead hair. Unlike other dog brushes, it does not cut or damage your pet’s fur. The self-cleaning, retractable edges and ergonomic design make it easy to use and clean. The rubber bristles can also be used to massage in shampoo or essential oils and for dermal stimulation.

Use it regularly to manage and reduce shedding. The deshedding tool also removes dirt and allergy-causing dander and ensures a silky-smooth coat.

How to Use the King Kanine Deshedding Brush

  • Brush your dog with the King Kanine deshedding tool using short, gentle strokes
  • Work your way from the neck to the tail, avoiding less furry areas like the stomach or boney areas like the hip bone and spine
  • Apply pressure depending on your pet’s tolerance
  • Always use the deshedding brush on a dry coat

If you’re not happy with the King Kanine deshedding tool for dogs, send us an email or call us! We’ll get back to you in 24 hours. And if you aren’t happy with the product, we’ll process a full refund within 30 days.