Hemp For Pets

Hemp for dogs is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in the pet world, and for good reason. Researchers and pet experts alike are consistently discovering how much good the cannabinoid substance can do for the mental and physical health for pets, all while having very few, if any, negative consequences or side-effects, which are all too common to pharmaceutical products. 

For Pet Health

Does your dog or cat suffer from issues like anxiety, sound phobias, chronic pain and/or inflammation, seizure disorders, gastrointestinal problems, etc.? If so, thenhemp for pets may be exactly what you need to turn their health around for the better. King Kanine stocks the very best Hemp for dogs andHemp for catsavailable on the market. When you choose to shop with us, you’re working with a company made up of dog and cat lovers and owners, all of whom are truly dedicated to alleviating the aforementioned health issues in pets. Ourcalming treats for dogs and cats are made with one thing in mind -- the well-being of your pet. With King Kanine, you can count on quality and consistency. 

For Quality Assurance

Our inventory includes products likedog calming products and cat calming products, made from the best Hemp for dogs and cats available. All our process are organic and domestically sourced, meaning you can count on strict quality control. Some of our most popular products include King Kalm Hemp oil, King Kalm crunch, an ediblecalming treat for dogs, and King Kalm topicals, in the form of balms and sprays, all designed to alleviate anxiety and pain in your dog or cat and deliver them back to those happy, healthy days of their youth. 

For Customer Satisfaction

Is there anything which fills a household with joy more than a happy, thriving pet? People and their pets enjoy beautiful, loving bonds that should last a full life. Unfortunately, too many of our dogs and cats experience mental and physical health ailments along the way, and often there is little we can do to relieve their situations. Not so anymore! Hemp for dogs and cats, as well as other common household pets, is being understood more and more as the new frontier in animal health, and King Kanine, with its King Kalm products, is at the very forefront of that frontier. With ourcalming treats for dogs and cats, we’re looking directly into the future. We see a world where inorganic pharmaceutical products have a lesser grip on the pet market, and where all-natural, organic substances like Hemp for dogs and cats are given the chance to make a difference in our pets’ lives. Our goal is your goal -- to give our pets the very best lives they can enjoy while making use of sustainable and healthy products. 

For Each Other

Hemp for dogs and cats is a breakthrough because it gives us a better opportunity to care for our pets. And if we really think about it, can’t it be said that, sometimes, our pets care for us the same as we care for them? We love our pets, and love is a mutual bond! Havingnatural dog calming productsand cat calming products in multiple forms, like oils, edibles, and topicals, gives us a new and exciting opportunities to care for our dearest friends, which means they’ll be around longer to care for us. 

Reach out to an expert at King Kanine today to discover why Hemp for dogs and cats might be the answer for your pet.