How Much Hemp Oil Dosage Should I Give My Dog?

Finding the righthemp oil dose for dogs is essential to ensure optimum effectiveness. This is especially important to know because an overdose could make your pet lethargic and unbalanced.

Can My Dog Overdose on Hemp?

There are plenty of benefits of using hemp-based products for dogs. It balances the pet’s immunological, neurological, physiological, and endocannabinoid systems. Plus, it fosters immunity and can help you manage some of the normal discomforts associated with aging. Adding a few drops of hemp oil to your aging pet’s diet can keep your dog active, reduce pain, and even manage noise-related stress. But the righthemp oil dosage in dogs is crucial. At King Kanine, we are passionate about providing pet parents with all the information they need to take full advantage of our hemp-based products and ensure optimum health for their pets.

The chart given on this page is a great reference to understand the correct hemp oil dose for dogs according to their size, weight, and breed.

Dosing Chart 75mg

hemp oil dosage in dogs

How Can I Prevent My Dogs from Overdosing on Hemp?

One of the best ways to prevent a hemp overdose in your dog is by using the righthemp oil dosage for dogs!You’ll always want to make sure you buy from a reputed buyer and use the right dose for your dog. The FDA does not regulate Hemp-based wellness products, and a lot of manufacturers don’t give detailed dosage instructions. This makes it difficult for people to assess how much hemp oil they should give their pets. You can also prevent overdosing by making sure that a third-party lab tests the hemp oil you buy for purity and potency. At King Kanine, we have worked with licensed veterinarians to determine optimumhemp oil dosage for dogsand offer detailed instructions.

Despite the instructions, every pet is different and may react differently to the same dosage. To learn more about the right hemp oil dose for dogs, call us.Dosing Chart 300mg




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