King Kanine All-Natural Dog Shampoo

Regular shampooing keeps your pet’s coat silky, smooth, and shiny. But not all dog shampoos are made alike. Some products made from a collection of synthetic chemicals and preservatives not suitable for your dog. You need a shampoo that’s effective and yet gentle on your dog’s skin.

Why King Kanine?

At King Kanine, we take pet wellness seriously. All our products are made using natural and organic ingredients. The King Kanine natural dog shampoo includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, lemongrass, and rosemary oil. Together, they not only condition your pet’s skin but also help manage fleas and ticks. And it smells great as well!

The coconut oil in our dog shampoo helps reduce allergic reactions and prevents flaking. Jojoba oil kills off bacteria and fungi and keeps the skin moisturized. Aloe vera is beneficial for skin problems and helps to reduce itching. Lemongrass oil smells pleasant and helps manage fleas and ticks in dogs. It also improves skin conditions. Rosemary oil is a natural flea repellant and has antioxidant properties.

King Kanine Guarantee

We make sure that all ingredients in our dog shampoo are organic and natural. They are pesticide-free and do not contain artificial fragrances or dyes that could irritate your pet’s skin and eyes. Every batch is tested in an independent third-party laboratory to ensure quality and purity.

Are you looking for the best natural dog shampoo online? Visit us to learn more about how we ensure our products are safe for your pets.